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Description and Target

In a Nutshell

EzCat is a portal creation and management framework akin to CMS without the complexity and bloat. One thing that characterizes EzCat, is that we strive not to re-invent the wheel so we use popular, standard and off-the-shelf technologies and methods, so EzCat is easy straight-forward, easy to work with and well documented.

The Yabarana portal is built and maintained with EzCat!

Key Benefits and Features
  • Works right out of the box!
  • Yabarana Web Site source code included as example!
  • Programmed with standard Catalyst base and best practices
  • Use any Catalyst Plug-in
  • Pre-built ready to use EzCat Controller, Action Classes, and Macros
  • Allows easy extension and application building
  • Standard Template Toolkit TTSite Layout
  • Standard, powerful non-obtrusive JS with integrated JQuery UI
  • Just plug-in your customized JQuery UI !
  • Powerful EzCat JavaScript base Library
  • Clean, XHTML compliant Templates
  • Can be edited in any HTML or text editor
  • Emacs EzCat Helpers Available
  • Uses SVN for Version Control
  • Full I18N and L10N Capabilities
  • Multiple languages in the same template using xml:lang attribute
  • All the artifacts used on the Yabarana Site are standard issue
Base Technology Stack
Licensing, Distribution and Pricing


The main EzCat sales and distribution model is a pre-configured already working EzCat instance running on a dedicated FreeBSD Jail in one of our servers. Your Web Site will be up and running in a few minutes and you will have complete control as if you were in a dedicated server. Root access is granted on the Jail.

EzCat SaaS Options and Pricing

Common Options

  • Secure Environment SAS70 Compliant DataCenter
  • FreeBSD 8.2 Dedicated Jail
  • Perl 5.10
  • Pre-installed Apache 2.2 with mod_perl 2
  • Pre-installed Catalyst 5.8 and EzCat
  • SSH Access
  • Root Access
  • Access to FreeBSD Ports Tree (install any package you want)
  • Everything pre-configured and ready to use
  • Support with domain parking and DNS service if needed
  • Technical Support and SLA for EzCat and Server

EzCat SaaS Mini - $480 per Year

  • 64MB RAM
  • 5GB Disk Space

EzCat SaaS Standard - $720 per Year

  • 128MB RAM
  • 10GB Disk Space

EzCat SaaS Large - $960 per Year

  • 256MB RAM
  • 30GB Disk Space