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Description and Target

In a Nutshell

EzSMS is a product designed as a framework to develop intelligent SMS Applications. Out of the box, EzSMS includes typical apps for sending ad-hoc SMS as well as campaigns with CSV and JSON files. It also provides a RESTful API that is available in both CSV and JSON as well and allows for easy integration with other systems.

Very different from typical Web applications, EzSMS is designed to handle very large volumes without a hiccup. For example, a typical SMS Web Application may choke at a few thousand records, EzSMS can easily handle million-record campaign files because all jobs are processed asynchronously from the HTTP request.

But what really sets EzSMS apart is the fact that is designed to build specialized solutions for vertical markets such as Healthcare, Finance and Marketing. Our platform can handle 3 account levels (multi-master, master and sub-accounts) and intelligently route incoming SMS messages and associate messages to each sub-account campaign and can also handle multiple short codes, individually or shared.

Key Benefits and Features
  • Works right out of the box!
  • Shared (keyword-based) short codes available for lease
  • Asynchronous and Job-based
  • Cron-based infrastructure available
  • Framework Source Code Included!
  • Programmed with standard Catalyst base and best practices
  • Use any Catalyst Plug-in
  • Pre-built ready to use SMS Applications
  • Allows easy extension and application building
  • Standard Template Toolkit TTSite Layout
  • Standard, powerful non-obtrusive JS with integrated JQuery UI
  • Just plug-in your customized JQuery UI !
  • Clean, XHTML compliant Templates
  • Can be edited in any HTML or text editor
  • Uses SVN for Version Control
  • Full I18N and L10N Capabilities
Base Technology Stack
Licensing, Distribution and Pricing


The main EzSMS sales and distribution model is a pre-configured already working EzSMS instance running on a dedicated slice in the Yabarana Cloud. Your Web Site will be up and running in a few minutes and you will have complete control as if you were in a dedicated server. Root access is granted on the slice.

EzSMS SaaS Options and Pricing

Common Options

  • Secure Environment SAS70 Compliant DataCenter
  • Dedicated Server Slice (real machine - not virtual!)
  • Perl 5.12
  • Pre-installed Apache 2.2 with mod_perl 2
  • Pre-installed Catalyst 5.8.x and EzSMS
  • SSH Access
  • Root Access
  • Access to FreeBSD Ports Tree (install any package you want)
  • Everything pre-configured and ready to use
  • Support with domain parking and DNS service if needed
  • Technical Support and SLA for EzSMS and Server

EzSMS SaaS Mini - $125 per Month

  • 64MB RAM
  • 5GB Disk Space

EzSMS SaaS Standard - $350 per Month

  • 128MB RAM
  • 10GB Disk Space

EzSMS SaaS Large - $1250 per Month

  • 256MB RAM
  • 30GB Disk Space